About Us

Prothena is a late-stage clinical biotechnology company with expertise in protein dysregulation and a diverse pipeline of novel investigational therapies for neurodegenerative and rare peripheral amyloid diseases.

We are committed to developing novel and transformative medicines to create a better future for people in critical need of new treatment options. Our product portfolio is designed to make a significant impact on neurodegenerative and rare peripheral amyloid diseases, which affect millions of people and their families worldwide.

We leverage insights around neurological dysfunction and the biology of misfolded proteins to develop novel therapeutic solutions that directly target pathogenic proteins in order to change the course of devastating diseases.

We leverage a foundation of internal discovery efforts augmented by collaborations with academic, industry partners and business development activities to build upon our internally generated pipeline. The patient is our focus, we aim to create a real impact for the millions of people and their families worldwide affected by neurodegenerative and rare peripheral amyloid diseases. Our decisions about clinical trials and development are centered around bringing new treatments to market faster and doing what is best for patients.


Our scientific legacy began with Athena Neurosciences, which was founded in 1986. Athena scientists made significant discoveries that have advanced our understanding of the biology of Alzheimer’s disease. Particularly impactful were the fundamental discoveries elucidating the roles amyloid, gamma secretase, and beta secretase play in the disease. These findings led to the development of a drug discovery and development organization, which generated multiple clinical candidates that have been and continue to be, tested in Alzheimer’s disease.

These same scientists also pioneered significant scientific discoveries with cell adhesion molecules, leading to the discovery, development and commercialization of Tysabri® (natalizumab), which is FDA approved for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis and marketed by Biogen. Athena was acquired by Elan Corporation, plc in 1996, and its discovery and development activities were incorporated into Elan.

Prothena was established in December 2012 when it separated from Elan Corporation, plc with a substantial portion of its drug discovery platform. Our ordinary shares began trading on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol “PRTA” and are currently traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

Today, Prothena is drawing on our legacy and deep expertise in protein dysregulation to build a pipeline of investigational compounds that could deliver innovative therapies for patients.



Prothena’s leadership team has a track record for profound scientific discoveries and bringing forth new treatments that have become leading commercial products in their therapeutic categories.

Gene G. Kinney, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Director
A headshot of David Ford

David A. Ford

Chief People Officer

Hideki Garren, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Brandon Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Karin L. Walker

Chief Accounting Officer

Wagner M. Zago, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Tran B. Nguyen

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

Michael J. Malecek

Chief Legal Officer

Carol D. Karp

Chief Regulatory Officer

Board of Directors


At Prothena, quality is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to developing novel and transformative medicines to create a better future for people in critical need of new treatment options.

For our patients and caregivers: We commit to develop novel breakthrough treatments focused on saving and improving lives.
For our physician partners: We take a pioneering approach to discovering and developing therapies using leading edge science and robust data to push existing boundaries.
For our colleagues: We challenge each other to act with urgency while ensuring the quality of our work and compliance with regulations from product discovery through commercialization.
For our partners: We continuously strive to earn trust through transparency and integrity.
Our dedication to quality guides our actions and drives us forward.


Prothena is focused on accelerating pioneering science from bench to bedside with a singular focus on creating a better future for people with neurodegenerative and rare peripheral amyloid diseases.

Our team has deep scientific and operational expertise and a track record of moving big ideas forward. We are advancing a robust portfolio across modalities leveraging our deep expertise in antibody targeting and the biology of misfolded proteins. We collaborate and engage with our multifaceted network of scientists, key opinion leaders, drug development specialists, regulatory experts and patient associations to accelerate insights into actionable and creative ways to advance the best science to patients.

We continually seek to engage with innovators actively researching bold scientific ideas. We collaborate across therapeutic modalities and across the continuum of neurodegenerative and rare peripheral amyloid diseases where we believe we can deliver value. We invest in and forge partnerships with emerging biotech companies, large pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutions to accelerate the development of new medicines. We are committed to cultivating long-term relationships and strategic alliances with the opportunity for shared success.

Together with our network of collaborators, we are creating a path for the most promising science to be translated into effective treatments for patients.

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