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Hear from Prothenians as they share their perspectives on what Rare Disease Day means to them

Q&A with Prothena’s Ansgar Conrad answers questions about the company’s partnership with ASPIRE

Q: What is ASPIRE? A: The Amyloidosis Stakeholder Partnerships for Impact Reach and Equity (ASPIRE) is a collaborative of biotech and pharmaceutical companies committed to improving diagnosis, systems of care, and health equity for patients suffering from amyloidosis, a rare disease caused by protein build-up. Q: What is ASPIRE’s goal? A: ASPIRE aims to accelerate […]

The impact of AL amyloidosis on work outcomes

Light chain (AL) amyloidosis is a rare and progressive disease that interferes with normal organ function and lead to failure of vital organs, like the heart. Currently, there are no approved therapies that significantly improve survival. The impact of amyloidosis goes beyond health. Patients with AL amyloidosis experience frequent overall loss of productivity, missed work […]

Hear from Prothena CEO Gene Kinney on why proteins are an essential part of life

Commemorating Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month in a year like no other

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan, who himself succumbed to this cruel disease roughly two decades later, declared November to be National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. For nearly forty years, we’ve kept the 6.5 million Americans and 55 million people worldwide who suffer from this disease and their families in our thoughts during this month. But […]